Ikhtisar Perusahaan

Jakarta, 26 Apr 2021

PT Esports Star Indonesia or ESI is a company under PT MNC Digital. MNC Digital is the biggest media content provider in Indonesia, Now, MNC Digital also produce and distributed the best and high quality content for every media platform in analog and digital system such as terrestrial TV (Free To Air), Pay Per View (Pay TV), Catch Up TV, Over The Top (OTT), Video on Demand (VOD), cinemas, and every features in Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). The main focus of MNC Digital also supported by business unit under MNC Digital that works on drama series production, FTV, movies, infotainment, reality show, game show, ads service, and talent management.

PT Esports Star Indonesia or ESI is a company in game industry that work as a game developer, game publisher, talent management, and managing esports competitions. As a game developer, PT ESI was already produced and released the two mobile games which is Kiko Run and Lola Bakery. Both were adapted from animation series named “Kiko” that very amusing and always accompany every Indonesian family at home. Kiko tells story of the interesting and exciting underwater life, Kiko is a brave, loyal friend who always helps his friends in the city of Asri. Kiko Run game is released as ESI first casual mobile game on Wednesday. 28th February 2019 in MNC Studios Jakarta, then ESI launched its second mobile game ”Lola Bakery” in the following year. Not only as a game developer, but also as a game publisher, PT ESI soon will release a new game called “Rapid Fire”. Rapid Fire is the first person shooter or FPS mobile game with new innovation and more attractive than any FPS mobile game before. It’s the first online mobile game project between PT ESI and a game developer from South Korea.

PT ESI as an esports athletes management to create reliable professional esports athletes. This can be very useful for esports athletes to developing their skill of gaming and following the national or international competition. Besides that, PT ESI also collaborate with GTV and RCTI+ to produce esports competition TV program in where the program accommodates esports athletes to be able to compete with other professional athletes.

PT ESI provides professional esports athletes and also releasing a new game that can be played by everyone. By the presence of PT Esports Star Indonesia or ESI, we hope that will be a new innovation in game industry and provides every professional esports athletes in competition and becoming the pro player of Esports Star Indonesia.