• Jakarta,23 Mar 2020

PT ESports Star Indonesia (ESI) as a company engaged in game development continues to provide the latest innovations in the world of games, especially for game lovers. As we knew, ESI has released its first game, KIKO RUN, which was adapted from the flagship animation series by MNC Animation, Kiko. Many achievements had been secured since Kiko Run mobile game launch, such as booked 2 million user downloads since released in the first 4 months, being the top trend in the Google market, also succeeded to work on international market.

After gaining success in its first game, ESI keeps developing ideas to present other games for various platforms. This second game is still adapted from the similar animated series, Kiko animation series, but in a different genre. If Kiko was named as the main character in the first game, this second series carries Lola as the major player. This second game is a match-3 game genre. Instead the user must play the 3 game match, they also have to collect coins and tickets to upgrade Lola's shops. Due to Lola’s character in Kiko's animation is the one who really loves to cook and bake, this second game name is "LOLA BAKERY".

There are many interesting things to be played in the Lola Bakery game. Some of those interesting contents are the game is using various kinds of cakes, missions to build various types of cake shops, and other interesting things that can be felt by yourself when playing this game. Lola Bakery also has a different level of difficulty at each level so that players can feel challenged to be able to complete each level well. This game is made in such a way that it can be enjoyed not only by children, but also for all game lovers.

Lola Bakery is also enable to be played for all game lovers by downloading the game on Android and IOS devices. Thus, ESI expects this second game would be liked by gaming lovers and it goes beyond the first game. PT ESports Star Indonesia aims to continue providing the best item for its fans and to turn into an entertainment medium for all Indonesia and international families.

"We believe digital technology will be more advanced and keep updated in the future. As one of the largest media group in Indonesia, PT ESports Star Indonesia projects to keep presenting newest things for all game users, ”said Mrs. Liliana Tanoesoedibjo as Commissioner at MNC Group.

Game Play Preview