Adapting Kiko Series, MNC Games launch Kiko Run Game

  • Jakarta,25 Oct 2019

By experiencing a long journey process, MNC Games was officially releasing its first program named Kiko Run. This games was launched onWednesday, 28th Feb 2019 at MNC Studios Jakarta on Kiko Run Press Conference. This event was attended by MNC Games CEO Liliana Tanoesodibjo, all MNC Games team partners, and the invited participants from journalists and external parties.

Kiko Run is an endless run game that was inspired by Kiko, an animation series from MNC Animation. The initial process of Kiko Run was started in May 2018 by a quite small team. Though Kiko Run was assumed to miss the deadline target, this condition was not breaking the spirit of MNC Games team to stay focused and optimist in finishing the project. Another problem that was experienced by MNC Games was the preparation of Press Conference event, but it enabled to be solved by the team.

It was an honor for Kiko Run that can be officially announced to Indonesian public. One special thing on the Kiko Run’s release date is an initial introduction of MNC Games to Indonesian society. MNC Games sets a big expectation to be well accepted by the presence of MNC Games as one of entertainment media in Indonesia and it obviously for each game that would be produced in the future.