World Is In Danger, New Hero Comes to the Rescue

  • Jakarta,22 Sep 2020

THE HERO IS BACK! BIMA S ready to broadcast on RCTI

Jakarta - BIMA S is the newest animated series from MNC Animation and officially showed on Oct 4th, 2020 at 10:00 AM on Indonesia’s pride TV channel, RCTI. It carries action and adventure genres and defines Satria as a spontaneous, brave, and adventurous teenager.The plot twist is he enabled to transform into BIMA S character. Supported by power and advanced weapons, BIMA S and his five best friends,Prof. T, Aurora, Ve, and Nadra-Rama have to do an inter-galaxy journey, fight against monsters and collect 7 miracle matrix power to stop Infernus as the biggest enemy who ambitious to conquer the world.

After having succeeded with live action of Bima Satria Garuda Series that had been broadcasted on RCTI, MNC Pictures and MNC Animation have adapted the series into 3D animation format with more interesting plot story and universe.

MNC Animation CEO Liliana Tanoesoedibjo said,”This animation (BIMA S) is already awaited by the superhero fanbase in Indonesia, especially fans of BIMA. By broadcasting BIMA S, this animated series will be an animated superhero pioneer in Indonesia that is enabled to compete on an international level.”

She added,”BIMA S animation is an Intellectual Property (IP) from MNC Animation that is expected to be a local pride animation from Indonesia. Bima S is not only presenting exciting fighting action, but also carrying moral messages through beliefs, friendship, battleship and sacrifice. Moreover, this series is also completed with the latest comedy action and set BIMA S as an exciting and entertaining program for Indonesian families.

Through the presence of BIMA S, MNC Animation comes as a qualified contents broadcaster for weekends that can be enjoyed to all families, after succeeding with KIKO and Zak Storm animation series.

After its primary show, BIMA S animation series will continue to broadcast every Sunday at 10:00 AM only on RCTI. Don’t miss it!



MNC Animation is a content production unit of PT MNC Studios International TBK (“MSIN” or “Entity”) as a part of MNC Media, the largest and integrated media group in South East Asia, that produces more qualified animation Intellectual Property (IP).