Kiko Run Participates "Ngabuburit Bareng" Through Sasa Street Food Festival Event

  • Jakarta,06 Feb 2020

MNC Channels, one of MNC Group subsidiary, in Ramadan this year teamed up with PT. Sasa Inti to organize culinary exhibition at Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall Jakarta. This culinary event titled “Sasa Street Food Festival” was held for two days on 18th - 19th May 2019. There were many activities that could be experienced by visitors in the event along with waited for iftar time.

Beside MNC Channel, another MNC Group’s subsidiaries  that joined this event were MNC Animation and MNC Games. MNC Animation presented exciting activity by conducting Meet & Greet with three lovable characters from Kiko Animation Series, Kiko, Lola and Poli. There was also a movie corner to visitors especially kids who wanted to watch Kiko animation series together with others. Meanwhile, another fun activities organized by MNC Games inside movie corner area was visitors enabled to play and to experience Kiko Run mobile game. 

Not only playing with Kiko Run, MNC Games also held a mini competition for kids visitors by competing shopping voucher prizes worth Rp100,000 also several merchandise from MNC Games. The mini competition conducted in two days, starting from the event was opened by the MC and closed before the iftar time by naming three participants who scored the highest number as the winner and each of them won the available prizes.

The presence of MNC Games on Sasa Street Food Festival was expected to be an opportunity for promoting MNC Games also its first mobile game product, Kiko Run. It aimed not only to gain more Kiko Run downloaders, but also more people would set Kiko Run as an option during free time or while having fun with friends.