LOLA BAKERY Fun Game That Can Be Played All Ages

  • Jakarta,27 Nov 2020

One of the exciting entertainment for the family at home is playing games, moreover it can be played by all family members. One favorite game that recorded the most downloaded and most played numbers is "LOLA BAKERY".

"LOLA BAKERY" is the second production of MNC Games, after previously being successful with "KIKO RUN". The second game with the match 3 game genre is still adapted from the same animated series, namely Kiko, which aired on RCTI, but of course with a different genre. If previously the main character in the game was Kiko, in the second game this time the main character was Lola.

There are many interesting things that make the game "LOLA BAKERY" a must try to play. The interesting things include using various kinds of cakes in the game, missions to build various kinds of cake shops, and other interesting things that can be felt when playing this game.

"LOLA BAKERY" also has a different level of difficulty in each level so that players can feel challenged to be able to complete each level well. We will be invited to set a strategy to complete the mission with a limited number of moves, this will train our motor skills.

In addition, this game also teaches you to set strategies to match the same cake making a power up that is useful for destroying all tiles and obstacles, and what's even more exciting is that we can upgrade the shop with coins and tickets collected when finished playing.

"Game lovers will feel the fun and lessons from" LOLA BAKERY ". The advantage of this game is that it can be played by all family members regardless of age limit, because it is a simple but fun game, ”said CEO of MNC Games Liliana Tanoesoedibjo.

Of course, MNC Games expects that the second game this time can be accepted by game lovers and will gain better achievements than the first game. MNC Games hopes to continue providing the best for its audiences and become a medium of entertainment for all families in Indonesia and even internationally. Lola Bakery can now be played for all game lovers.

In addition, Lola Bakery can also be accessed through pillar games in the RCTI + application along with other exciting games, such as KIKO Run. Apart from playing the Lola Bakery game, the RCTI + application also provides various interesting contents such as live TV, videos, articles and many others. So it ensures that you won’t get bored while playing any game.