MNC Games Joins RCTI 30th Anniversary

  • Jakarta,06 Feb 2020

August 2019 became the historical time for RCTI. On Aug 24th, 2019, this most pride broadcast TV station celebrated its 30th anniversary. To commemorate the day, RCTI organized series of big events. IN order to celebrate its anniversary, RCTI spectacularly organized a special event.

To celebrate its anniversary, RCTI presented three event series. The events were started from early to end August 2019. The first event that was conducted by RCTI as ILOVERCTI30 concert along with Noah music group on Aug 6th. Followed by RCTI Fest that was held at Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall for three days, started from 16th - 18th Aug 2019.

The event was also enlivened by top celebrities and music groups, one of the was GIGI, several Tukang Ojek Pengkolan casts, Aneth Indonesian Idol Junior, also Indonesian legendary music group, Kahitna. Not only top celebrities line up who join RCTI Fest, one of leading programs on RCTI named Kiko also secured attention during the event.

Kiko, Lola and Poli succeeded to hypnotize visitors at Tribeca Park Central Park Mall for two days (17th - 18th Aug 2019). The visitors could have a dance, photo, and play sessions, also experienced Kiko Run games. Kiko Run Game is the first MNC Games product that also got attention during the event.

On the RCTI Fest, MNC Games together with Kiko Run held a mini game competition with interesting prizes. This initiative could get the attention of the visitors to join the competition. During the competition, participants are requested to download Kiko Run games that will be playing and competing with each other. The players with high scores and named as the top players at Leaderboards of Kiko Run would be named as the winner.

Not only those events, some RCTI programs were also presented at RCTI Fest on booth forms. And the unique thing was each booth also provided a mini photo booth so the visitors could capture special moments in the event.

Lastly, the awaited night that was organized in two locations; Ecovention and Ancol Beach City (ABC) on Friday, Aug 23rd, 2019. On this night, the RCTI’s anniversary event was revived byLee Tae-min (Taemin), a K-Pop star from SHINee boyband. In addition, top local artists also joined this biggest event, such as Dewa, Kahitna, Yovie & His Friends, Wali, BCL, Rossa, Judika, Ari Lasso, Rizky Febian, Afgan, Isyana Sarasvati, Rendy Pandugo, Ayu Ting Ting, and Inul Daratista.

Moreover, there were also stars who were born from RCT Programs such as Andmesh Kamaleng, Nowela, Marion Jola, Maria Simorangkir, Ahmad Abdul, and Brisia Jodie. This RCTI’s top event was also broadcasted live and enabled to be watched on RCTI+ application.