"Kiko from Animation to Game" Workshop on ANIFESTKOM Event

  • Jakarta,06 Feb 2020

Yayasan Universitas Komputer Indonesia (UNIKOM) held Animation Festival Unikom  2019 (ANIFESTKOM) as a collaboration with Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF). ANIFESTKOM was an animation festival launched by UNIKOM as a place to gather with animators such as academics, practitioners, industry players and community to share information. This event was conducted on 27th - 29th Jun 2019 at UNIKOM, Bandung.

ANIFESTKOM presented four activities, animation workshop, animation movie discussion, master class, and Indonesia Reallusion Awards (IRA) 2019. ANIFESTKOM this year themed “ANIMASI MILENIAL” where animation character in nowadays is already a part of millennial to become an influencer. Thus, the speakers who attended ANIFESTKOM 2019 were IP owners whose characters already became influencers on various social media platforms such KIKO, Si JUKI, Om Parlente, and Adit Sopo Jarwo.

Beside workshop and discussion, ANIFESTKOM also held a competition named Indonesia Reallusion Awards (IRA) 2019. IRA is a competition for pre-visualization animators at national level that was being participated by universities in Indonesia. “This competition, around 25 teams from all over universities in Indonesia will compete for 48-hour to battle the best big three animation, said Robby UI Pratama, the chairman of ANIFESTKOM 2019.   

Thus, MNC Games and MNC ANimation were fully supporting positive activity of ANIFESTKOM because this similar event could be a sharing session about experiences and information on the animation section. In addition, it will build partnership among academics with industry players to create human resources on the animation field.

Albertus Agung, usually called “AG” from MNC Games, will be named as one of the speakers on the second day workshop. Carrying “KIKO From Animation to Games” theme, AG will tell about how KIKO’s journey from animation character into a mobile game. Moreover, AG also acted as a judge for Indonesia Reallusion Award 2019.

“Having a career on animation industry is a dream opportunity for people in the creative industry” We hope this sharing session from animation and games could be delivering positive inspiration for those who related in this industry, “ said Albertus Agung as a spokesperson also a judge for Indonesia Reallusion Award 2019 representing MNC Games.