Animated Series Bima S Episode 7 on RCTI, Bima Has a New Weapon! Here is the Schedule and Synopsis

  • Jakarta,13 Nov 2020

The first animated 3D superhero series in Indonesia with international quality, Bima S, on Sunday at 10.00 AM is back on RCTI and is now entering its seventh episode. After Satria and his friends had unexpected guests at Spaceship, now he was suddenly chased by a large group of animals, Nilikombu. As it turned out, the horned herd was avoiding the Gobloots, who wanted to take their horns.

As we knew, the Bima S animated series is an adventure that tells the story of the figure of Satria who is a spontaneous, brave and adventurous teenager. Satria is apparently capable of transforming into the figure of Bima S who is equipped with powerful weapons.

"Every week we always prepare interesting stories from the adventures of the animated series Bima S. In episode 7, viewers will see the newest strengths of Satria. Hopefully this animated series will always entertain viewers at home, "said the Executive Chairwoman of MNC Group and the CEO of MNC Animation Liliana Tanoesoedibjo.

The Bima S animated series is expected to be a superhero story that will later be able to compete in the international arena. Moreover, Bima S did not only present exciting action battles and adventures, but also conveyed moral messages, such as the value of trust, friendship, struggle and sacrifice. Watch the Bima S animated series, every Sunday, at 10.00 AM , after the KIKO series, only on RCTI. Bima S can also be watched through the RCTI + application.